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Your intrepid author and her even more intrepid publisher loaded up a car full of goodies and headed down to Stamford, CT, for ComiCONN on Saturday. And, despite the facts that the entire east coast was under threat from Hurricane Irene and said hurricane was due to make landfall at Stamford, hundreds of fans, artists, dealers, guests and entertainers showed up!

We had an excellent time. We got to meet some amazing people, including some fantastic cosplayers, other creators, dealers and more. There was a remote-control R2-D2, a landspeeder, and loads of guys dressed as Imperial stormtroopers. Did we mention we’re endorsed by Cobra Commander? Because we are.

We felt like we’d come home to Geekland! Best of all, we spread the word about Broken and Candlemark & Gleam in general, and even made a few sales. If you’re wondering, it’s absolutely wonderful to sign a copy of your book for someone!

I’d never done a convention from this side of the table before, and I had a blast. We’ll definitely be doing more of these. If you know of local conventions in New England or New York that would be a good fit for some nerdy booksellers, let me know!


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