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Praise for Susan Jane Bigelow

“Bigelow’s action-packed, fast-flying debut is buttressed by a believable, detailed world and populated by a cast of unforgettable, deeply realized characters. Her unusual and heartfelt take on superheroes underscores what makes these iconic characters heroic—and what makes them profoundly human.”

Publishers Weekly starred review of Broken


“Filled with hairpin plot turns, breathtaking escapes, compelling characters, and a profound sense of humanity, this installment of the Extrahuman series expands upon an already fascinating universe…”

Publishers Weekly starred review of Fly into Fire

“I love Susan Jane Bigelow’s science fiction novels because they are an incredibly complex mixture of awesome personal character arcs and great stories which often contain thoughtful elements including politics, social commentary and gender issues without ever making her books any less fun.”

–Ana Grilo of The Book Smugglers


The Daughter Star is one of the richest, most thought provoking SF novels I’ve read this year. Or last year.”

–Kit at The Lesbrary


“Bigelow has the knack of making even minor characters feel distinct and memorable with very little wordage, with the result that, in a story where one protagonist can see the future, it’s still impossible to guess what happens next, because every decision feels organic to the person making it…”

Foz Meadows at A Dribble of Ink

“Bigelow relates to the Doctor on a fundamental level, and she argues that we all can— trans, queer and cisgendered alike. Change, she argues, is something vital, miraculous, and, yes, often terrifying. Her analysis is absolutely brilliant, and that the series could lend itself to such deep reading is a real testament to the universality of the source text.”

Emily Nordling on’s review of “Queers Dig Time Lords.”

“Every so often in a reader’s life they come across a set of books that makes their jaw drop.  Not because they’re awesome, or surprising, or because they’re unlike anything you’ve read before, not even because they are so real. The Extrahumans series by Susan Jane Bigelow is all these things, but the jaw dropping results from the fact that they are absolutely criminally under-read.”

Heidi at Bunbury in the Stacks

Overall, I really enjoyed The Spark and would highly recommend Susan Bigelow’s Extrahumans series.  It’s a really unique, well-executed series and I will definitely be reading Bigelow’s future work!

Kelli at I’d so Rather be Reading


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