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Hi everyone. I’m Susan Jane Bigelow.

About me

I’m a librarian, SF/F author and political columnist, among other things. I write on what might be called “a range of topics,” from politics in Connecticut to memoir-ish nonfiction to science fiction/fantasy stories and novels. I’m in my mid-30s and live in Enfield, Connecticut with my wife and cats.

I started writing science fiction when I was little, but my first actual published novel was 2011’s BROKEN (Extrahumans #1). Since then two more Extrahumans novels, FLY INTO FIRE and THE SPARK, have been published. The first book in a new series, THE DAUGHTER STAR, came out in May, 2013. I’ve also had short stories and some nonfiction writing published, as well.

I write a weekly political column for the outstanding Connecticut political news website, CT News Junkie, where I focus on politics inside and relevant to the Nutmeg State. From 2005-10, I wrote for and operated the Connecticut political blog CT Local Politics.

I also like biking, reading, walking, Doctor Who, My Little Pony and all kinds of other things.

The Extrahuman Union?

The Extrahuman Union is the organization that every human who displays extrahuman talents (flying, speed healing, super speed/strength, prescience) must join in the Extrahumans universe. Among other things, it makes a cool title for a blog.

Getting in touch with me

Twitter: @whateversusan. I’m very active, and post about all kinds of subjects!


Email: susanjbigelow(at)gmail(dot)com.


6 Responses to "About Susan Jane Bigelow / Contact Me"

[…] Spark, the third book in Susan Jane Bigelow‘s Extrahumans series (after Broken and Fly Into Fire) is now available in both digital and […]

Hi Susan,

Came across your books via Matt Adams and was hoping you’d consider submitting a short story to my upcoming neo-pulp/superhero anthology.

It’s a paid deal. Let me know how I can nab your talents! 🙂

Cheers, Ben

I share your name and some people confuse the two of us. It is nice to meet you on line. My husband Peter and I have lived in West Hartford for 47 yrs. I would enjoy chatting with you at some point. Best Regards, Susan W. Bigelow

Hi Susan! That is very cool! Feel free to email me anytime, susanjbigelow at gmail dot com.

Hi Susan my name is Shirley Hill and I live in England. My question is about the extrahuman union series. Please list the books in this series up to date as I have looked to buy all on lots of sites but it is confusing. I love what I have read of Broken and want to read the rest, I have become a fan, thank you.

My email is: and I am also on facebook.

Best wishes to you. Shirley. xx

Hi Shirley,

Book Smugglers Publishing has been re-releasing new, improved versions of the three existing books–starting with Broken in March. The second book, Sky Ranger (former title: Fly Into Fire) will be re-released this summer, and the third book, The Spark, will be re-released in the fall. The fourth and final book is not published anywhere yet, and will be published in December by Book Smugglers Publishing. Please let me know if you have further questions!

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