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The Saturday of Many, Many Things

Posted on: September 26, 2011

Hi everyone! I’ll admit that I’ve been having an emotional roller-coaster of a week. I’m mostly happy, but I’m also exhausted. Fall is not a peaceful time for me.

That said, it was really cool to roll out of bed on Saturday, check my computer, and find a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Seriously. I about fell off my chair.

Now both of the first two novels from my publisher have received starred reviews from PW (the other, Erekos, is so very worth your time). Let’s hear it for small presses putting out good stuff!

So that was cool.

Then, later on that day, the final copy edits on The Daughter Star were done. My wonderful wife had given the book a once-over, and then I did a few last edits. I took a deep breath and sent it in. That’s two books sent in this month.

It’s not a bad run for 2011. Here’s my output:

  • Two manuscripts, The Spark (Extrahumans #3) and The Daughter Star, started, completed and sent to publisher
  • Broken released in e-book form, with print due out in November
  • Major revising/editing for Fly Into Fire (Extrahumans #2), which is due out in January
  • Thirty-three political columns for CT News Junkie done
  • Seven short pieces for 30POV
  • Miscellaneous short stories, including “Ramona’s Demons” (which will hopefully find a home soon) and an Extrahuman short story, “Jump Up Into the Sky,” which takes place between the events of Broken and Fly Into Fire
  • A start made on two new lengthy writing projects
  • Plus blog entries, guest posts and roughly ten billion tweets

That adds up to a hefty amount of writing for one year! My publisher has threatened to start an imprint just for me if I keep this up. Of course, I happen to think my own imprint would be the coolest thing of all, so that isn’t too much of a threat.

Party Time

Note: the launch party for Broken‘s print run is going to be at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA! It’s scheduled for November 5th from 5-7pm. See you there!


2 Responses to "The Saturday of Many, Many Things"

Can’t wait to get my signed copy of BROKEN in the mail. Saw your tweet on Twitter and got in just under the deadline. 🙂

Also I nominated you for the “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Blog Award” 🙂

Check out Gini Koch’s Win Stuff page ( and get all the info. So join in the fun and possibly win some cool prizes in the process.

Awesome! I hope you like it! The published book looks really cool, I have to say.

And thank you for the nomination! I’ll check that out.

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