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EXTRAS – Extrahuman Abilities Chart

Posted on: February 25, 2011

It might not surprise you that there’s a lot of background stuff for the BROKEN universe that never made it into the book. I don’t subscribe to the idea that just because I’ve created a huge world with tons of background information you’ll be interested in hearing about every inch of it. But there are lots of extras, and from time to time I’ll probably post a few of them here.

One of the things I created is a handy reference chart for Extrahumans and their powers. Here it is, in memo form–the most evil, sinister form of all (click “fullscreen” to see everything more easily).

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4 Responses to "EXTRAS – Extrahuman Abilities Chart"

I read perfectly well that the Tower was on my old side of the Triboro, but this snippet really brought it home.

It also reminded me of the great old quote about another crop of extrahumans in the original MiB, where Will Smith sees the alien launch pad on the old Fairgrounds. The reply to his amazement: “Why do you think we put it in Queens?”

As a near lifelong fan of the neighboring baseball team, I can completely relate;)

I figured that the piece of the book that would freak out New Yorkers the most was the idea that Queens was now the built-up, central part of town. I mean, that’s just terrifying.

Along similar lines was the finale of Barney Miller, when future Firefly preacher Ron Glass’s detective character, the most pre-metrosexual there was back then, got assigned to a squadroom in Queens when they shut down the 12th precinct.

The look on his face captured the looks you were no doubt shooting for there.

It certainly weirded out my Bronx-born mum…

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