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Big news, folks, the follow-up to Broken, Fly into Fire is coming out in January of 2012! Here’s a blurb from my awesome publishers at Candlemark & Gleam:

The last Sky Ranger of the Extrahuman Union, defeated by his former allies and detested by everyone else, fled Earth and the repressive Confederation in a desperate attempt to put the past to rest. But when his refugee ship crashes on a desert planet his life is thrown back into chaos, and his future becomes less certain than ever. In that hostile environment, the abrasive, impulsive Renna and flighty, secretive Dee are the only two refugees who can stand him.

When Dee wanders into the wilderness, Sky Ranger chases after her, touching off a series of events that lead them and their companions from the deserts of Seera Terron through alien Räton space and into the very heart of the Confederation itself. Sky Ranger must confront his past and a intrusive, ruthless government if he wants to be able to save both Dee and what remains of his people, the Extrahumans, from utter destruction.

FLY INTO FIRE is a story of hope, adventure, friendship, and sacrifice, in a world where the only freedom to be found is within.

I’ll have lots more to say about this book over the next few months, so watch the blog for more announcements and other good stuff!


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