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Hi everyone! I’ll admit that I’ve been having an emotional roller-coaster of a week. I’m mostly happy, but I’m also exhausted. Fall is not a peaceful time for me.

That said, it was really cool to roll out of bed on Saturday, check my computer, and find a starred review from Publishers Weekly.

Seriously. I about fell off my chair.

Now both of the first two novels from my publisher have received starred reviews from PW (the other, Erekos, is so very worth your time). Let’s hear it for small presses putting out good stuff!

So that was cool.

Then, later on that day, the final copy edits on The Daughter Star were done. My wonderful wife had given the book a once-over, and then I did a few last edits. I took a deep breath and sent it in. That’s two books sent in this month.

It’s not a bad run for 2011. Here’s my output:

  • Two manuscripts, The Spark (Extrahumans #3) and The Daughter Star, started, completed and sent to publisher
  • Broken released in e-book form, with print due out in November
  • Major revising/editing for Fly Into Fire (Extrahumans #2), which is due out in January
  • Thirty-three political columns for CT News Junkie done
  • Seven short pieces for 30POV
  • Miscellaneous short stories, including “Ramona’s Demons” (which will hopefully find a home soon) and an Extrahuman short story, “Jump Up Into the Sky,” which takes place between the events of Broken and Fly Into Fire
  • A start made on two new lengthy writing projects
  • Plus blog entries, guest posts and roughly ten billion tweets

That adds up to a hefty amount of writing for one year! My publisher has threatened to start an imprint just for me if I keep this up. Of course, I happen to think my own imprint would be the coolest thing of all, so that isn’t too much of a threat.

Party Time

Note: the launch party for Broken‘s print run is going to be at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA! It’s scheduled for November 5th from 5-7pm. See you there!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks! I’ve been working on projects both old and new, and I thought I’d give you all an update.

Broken – The print book is still set to come out in late November, and you can still get in on pre-orders over at Kickstarter. The stuff we’ve got as extras is really fun. I actually have some of the action figures, and they are great. When we were down at ComiCONN the action figures at our table were a big draw! Well, that and the Play-Doh. Note to all convention dealers: always have Play-Doh handy.

We’re going to be doing a launch party in early November for the print run, and it’ll be in Western Massachusetts! More details on that will be available soon, but I hope to see lots of you there.

Fly Into Fire (Extrahumans #2) – I’m working through the first round of revisions handed to me by my wonderful editor now, and once again it’s great to see the book improving a little at a time. I’m looking forward to all of you reading this story and meeting these characters. I may do some biographical sketches and other fun stuff of them as we get closer to the release date in January.

The thing about edits and revision requests is that they’re simultaneously painful and amazing. On the one hand, it feels like someone just tossed your manuscript into the woodchipper, but on the other hand it’s nice to actually make the revision and know for a fact that the story is better.

The Spark (Extrahumans #3) – I finished my third edit pass and thought, hey. This is about as good as I can make it. So I sent it off to Candlemark & Gleam on Saturday.

This was a very hard book to write, but I think it was worth the effort. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten into a character’s head the way I got into Dee’s (she’s the main character, you’ll meet her in Fly Into Fire), and I hope that shows through.

The Daughter Star – Ah, my little dark horse book. It’s still undergoing some copyediting, and will be ready for submission soon. I have no idea what will happen to it once I do submit it. For the record, this was my favorite book to write of the four I’ve done so far.

The Demon Girl’s Song (this title will probably change) – I’ve started work on a book about a teenage girl with a thousand-year-old demon stuck in her head, a fisherman’s daughter with a strange and hopeless quest to complete, and a world that keeps developing maddening holes. I’m about 20,000 words in, right now, and so far so good. I may need to take a break to work on edits, but hopefully this one will get done at some point next year.

Extrahumans #4 – Plotting, plotting. Nothing written yet, but the shape of things is starting to form in my tiny mind. I may even have figured out who the main characters are!

Other Stuff – You like Connecticut politics, right? You can find my take on it every week at CT News Junkie. Oh, and check out my essay at 30POV about rejection.

I did submit a short story to a random small press, but now I’m wondering if they’re still in business. Hmm. I better check on that.

And that’s all for now!


Your intrepid author and her even more intrepid publisher loaded up a car full of goodies and headed down to Stamford, CT, for ComiCONN on Saturday. And, despite the facts that the entire east coast was under threat from Hurricane Irene and said hurricane was due to make landfall at Stamford, hundreds of fans, artists, dealers, guests and entertainers showed up!

We had an excellent time. We got to meet some amazing people, including some fantastic cosplayers, other creators, dealers and more. There was a remote-control R2-D2, a landspeeder, and loads of guys dressed as Imperial stormtroopers. Did we mention we’re endorsed by Cobra Commander? Because we are.

We felt like we’d come home to Geekland! Best of all, we spread the word about Broken and Candlemark & Gleam in general, and even made a few sales. If you’re wondering, it’s absolutely wonderful to sign a copy of your book for someone!

I’d never done a convention from this side of the table before, and I had a blast. We’ll definitely be doing more of these. If you know of local conventions in New England or New York that would be a good fit for some nerdy booksellers, let me know!

One of the perks of pre-ordering BROKEN in print that we’re offering is a cool Extrahuman Union ID card (like Silverwyng’s, above). You can customize it with your own superhero name, powers, and tag information.

The best part is that it doesn’t come with a tracking device in the arm!

First: the giveaway contest! Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile is giving away an ebook of Broken right now! RIGHT NOW. Here’s the contest; all you have to do is write a post about your favorite superhero and link it in the comments on their original contest post! And hey, you can let me know about it, too, right here.

This is tied in with a short guest piece about doing nothing in the summer that I did for them, which went up yesterday. I like the way that piece came out. Some guest posts that I do turn out really well, some kind of fall flat. This one was one of the good ones.

Plus, this weekend an ARC of the print version of Broken arrived in the mail from Candlemark & Gleam! Here I am gazing at it.

I knew I wanted to be an author when I was just a little kid. I always wanted to someday open up a package in the mail and withdraw a book with my name on it that I’d written. On Friday, that’s just what I did. I can’t describe the emotions I felt. I carried the book around with me for a few hours, reading little bits of it just so I could see my words on the page. It was amazing.

My publisher also sent along this mysterious, ominous package along with buttons, bookmarks and post cards. She loves extras. I mean, she really REALLY loves extras. Our preorder site has a ton of extras you can get with your preorder of Broken, including an exclusive short story, cool swag like what came in the mail, and more. I think the people who order the extras will love them!

Let’s see… what else? I finally did update the reviews list for Broken, which I haven’t done since March. There’s a lot more, now. Go check them out.

Also, my latest political piece for CT News Junkie is up here. It’s based on part on thoughts I started developing in a post on this blog from a month ago. Warning: politics!

Lastly, I do not know what this is (except that it involves PONIES) but I can’t stop watching it.

Update: Now includes ACTUAL POLL

The writing and revising frenzy of the past seven months or so has subsided, leaving me with two more-or-less complete drafts. I’ve hit the point with THE SPARK (Extrahumans: Book 3) where I’m sick to death of even looking at it, so it’s probably time to set it aside to marinate. In a few weeks I’ll pick it up again, do another editing pass, and then perhaps send it off if it feels ready.

I’m still working through editing THE DAUGHTER STAR, which is a book that I’m not exactly sure what to do with yet. I suppose I could simply glut my publisher to the point where she’s built up a massive backlog of SJB books. Why not? There’s also a few things about it that don’t sit entirely well with me, and I intend to revisit them soon.

My first two books continue to percolate. You can pre-order the print version of BROKEN, which hits shelves in November, through Kickstarter. FLY INTO FIRE, due out in January, now has a Goodreads page–please add it for all kinds of updates! You can also friend me there or become a fan if you want.

This leaves me at an impasse. For the first time in a while, I don’t have a priority fiction project! So, help me out here. What do I write next? Below, find a lovely list of ideas I’ve been kicking around. Help me find some direction already!

Pre-orders are here!

The extras we’ve created are absolutely mind-blowing. For instance, if you spend $50 or more:

You’ll receive a signed first-edition trade paperback of Broken by Susan Jane Bigelow, along with a digital copy of the novel. You’ll also receive an exclusive short story by Susan Jane Bigelow, set in the world of Broken. To help you really get into the spirit of things, you’ll also receive a Propaganda Pack with pins and handouts about various political groups in the world of Broken, including the Extrahuman Union. You’ll also be inducted into the Extrahuman Union, and receive a custom Extrahuman Union ID badge, with your superhero name, powers, and ID listed for ConFedMil.

I was really pleased with the story, by the way. It’s a bridge between BROKEN and FLY INTO FIRE, though it stands nicely on its own. You can only get that story by pre-ordering BROKEN in print!

I’ve seen some of the Propaganda Pack stuff, too, and it’s also amazingly cool. If you’ve liked some of the extras posted here, you’ll love the Propaganda Pack. Plus, who doesn’t want their own superhero ID badge?

Go check out all the great stuff we have for you. Remember, all this cool stuff is only available until we finish pre-orders in September!

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