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Extrahumans Short Story Collection – Now Available at Amazon!

Posted on: August 8, 2013

It’s been a lousy few days. I’ve been sick–again! And it’s stomach trouble, again!

As I groggily make my way through another sick day, though, I have some good news. The three Extrahumans short stories I wrote that were previously only available to people who had pre-ordered one of the three print books are now collected into a single ebook on Amazon!

When we did pre-orders for the print edition of Broken in November, 2011, my publisher suggested I write a short story as a reward, because we were doing them through Kickstarter. That made sense, so I wrote a story called “Jump Up Into the Sky,” which is about Sky Ranger crashing into an old woman’s garden. That story is supposed to serve as a bridge between Broken and Fly Into Fire, and it’ll make way more sense if you read Broken first.

That worked well, so we did it again for the release of Fly Into Fire in January of 2012. This story is a prequel, set about fifteen years before Broken, and it features one of my favorite characters–Crimson Cadet! In this story the Law Enforcement Division, led by the Union’s new Sky Ranger, has to track down a girl who supposedly has extrahuman powers, and Crimson Cadet has to face up to all the things about extrahuman life that make him uncomfortable.

In August, 2012, The Spark came out, and once again we decided to use a story as a Kickstarter reward. This time I chose a short I’d been thinking of turning into the beginning of the fourth Extrahumans novel. I decided not to do that, going in another direction to focus on Jill instead, but I liked this piece and what it said about Renna. It’s set nearly 20 years after Renna leaves home, sometime after the events of The Spark, and it’s about what happens when she goes home to be by her dying mother’s side.

I hope you check these stories out! They’re cheap, only $0.99, and free if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber.

Link: Jump Up Into the Sky and Other Stories of the Extrahumans


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