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Catching Up: Lambda Awards and Queers Dig Time Lords!

Posted on: June 7, 2013

It’s been a busy week!

On Monday we drove down to New York (note to self: next time take the train) for the 25th annual Lambda Awards. A great anthology that I have a story in, THE COLLECTION from Topside Press, was up for the Transgender Fiction prize. And, get this, we won! A bunch of us who had written stories for the book took to the stage to accept the award. You can actually see a picture of us here on Bi Magazine‘s Facebook page. I’m the one in the blue.

It was an outstanding moment, and one that is mostly just a blur in my mind. I’m hugely grateful to our fantastic editors Tom Léger and Riley MacLeod for accepting my story and working so hard to bring such a wonderful and important book to life.

Then, the very next day, the amazing collection of essays QUEERS DIG TIME LORDS (Mad Norwegian Press, edited by Sigrid Ellis and Michael Damian Thomas) came out! I wrote an essay for this, and I’m amazed by the company I’m keeping in it. You can check the book out here There have been some great reviews so far, including this one on which says some very nice things about the essay I wrote.

I’m still coming down from the release of THE DAUGHTER STAR last week, too. What a wonderfully overwhelming two weeks it’s been! More of this, please.

Now things get back to normal, and I get back to work on the second Grayline Sisters book.


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