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Release Week for THE SPARK!

Posted on: August 26, 2012

Yes! It’s that time again: book release week! THE SPARK (Extrahumans #3) is coming out on Tuesday.

I get incredibly nervous and flustered when a book is about to leave the nest, so you’ll pardon me if I’m under a chair, cowering. Failing that, I’ll be obsessively checking Amazon, Twitter and pretty much everywhere else to see how things are going.

How you can help an author out on release week:

1. Buy the book! (obviously!)
2. Leave a review! Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, your blog, wherever you like.
3. If you do leave a review on your site, tell me! I’ll link to you.
4. If you like this series, suggest your local public library buy it! We have hardcovers these days. Sturdy and beautiful.
5. Spread the word! I have NO PR MACHINE, so every little bit helps!

Anyway, there’s going to be some good stuff happening this week, including DEALS on other Extrahumans books, reviews, interviews, and more! Plus some cool book and story news that I hope I’ll get to share with you this week.

Stay tuned!


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You asked for it, you got it. No Toyota, though:

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