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Mandolian Vista – News for Greater First Landing

Posted on: April 4, 2012

Mandolian Vista is a news organization licensed by ConFedMedia in early 2122. They cover the Greater First Landing metropolitan area on Mandolia, which is a colony world relatively close to Valen (see the 2110 Map of the Confederation to see where it is). As such, they’ll be issuing short news updates (in 140 characters or less) letting you know what’s going on in Mandolia’s capital! Check them out here:


Editorial note: Vista is featured in THE SPARK, which is coming out later on this year. Much of the story takes place in First Landing, and I wanted to give folks a window into what life might be like in that city at that time. Follow along to get a feel for the city, the planet, and for the divided loyalties of the people who run Vista. It should be fun, and it’ll be more than just news–a story is unfolding here.

There may also be a giveaway or contest or something along those lines for followers at some point–so check it out!


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