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Story: Ernesta Trägel Watches a Video of Sky Ranger

Posted on: February 28, 2012

I’m terrible at guest posts. I mean, I love doing them once they’re done, and I always enjoy working with book bloggers and other writers to create something for their sites! However, I have an awful time coming up with topics. One of my problems, I think, is that I’m just not that great when it comes to talking about myself, my writing, or my creative process. I never know what to say.

I had a number of posts coming up, and this time I thought I’d write short pieces, little vignettes set in the extrahumans’ world, instead of more traditional guest posts. The first one’s up today, over at The Discriminating Fangirl, which is a great blog you should all read more of. The story is about Ernesta Trägel, the head of the Confederation Military Police (ConFedMilPol, the Confederation’s secret police force), getting an order to write a report and thinking about the past. Ernesta is a rockin’ character who has yet to make it into any of the books.

There will be two more of these shorts coming out very soon. One is about Renna Fernandez Silva, her friend Amy, and Sky Ranger waiting to escape from Earth. The other is the actual report Ernesta Trägel writes to the President of the Confederation. Watch this space (and my new Google+ page) to see when and where they appear!

Anyway, here is the link to the story: Ernesta Trägel Watches a Video of Sky Ranger


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