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Kindles, Contests and Book Releases

Posted on: January 7, 2012

Hey everyone!

Well, pre-orders for FLY INTO FIRE are done at last. People who are getting posters are going to be really pleased with them; I hope we use these images again for other things, because MAN they are cool. Just you wait.

It’s very nearly book release time, and I’m trying not to flip out too much. Right now I’m in the netherworld between finishing up all the edits and release day when I have no idea whether anyone will actually, you know, like the book. I hope you all will! The book is officially out on January 24th, which feels both incredibly far away and too soon! I thought this would be less stressful and wild the second time around; if anything, it’s worse!

My publisher had an extra Advance Reading Copy of FLY INTO FIRE lying around, so we decided to try something new. You can head over to this Ask Sky Ranger tumblr right here, and ask a question! Sky Ranger will answer. It can be anything from wondering about the political state of the Confederation to what Sky’s favorite fruit is. Everyone who asks a question gets entered to win that ARC. I’m closing submissions to this next Friday, so get those questions in now.

In other news, I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas! Eeeee! I love it so far. I’ve used it to read a couple of books so far, and that aspect of it works really well. If you have an Android phone with the Kindle app on it, it’s basically the same thing. Since I happen to really like that app, this is a good thing! The screen is just the right size, and although it’s difficult to hold for long periods at a time, it’s not unwieldy. I’ve also been using it to watch movies/TV shows and play games, and it’s pretty great for those, too. It’s not as fast or sleek as an iPad, but it’s also a LOT cheaper, and I like it just as much. I did have a chance to play around with an iPad, and I wouldn’t trade my Fire for it at this point. My only complaint is that it takes a looooong time to charge up, but given how lengthy battery life has been, this is a decent trade-off.

And that’s that for now!


2 Responses to "Kindles, Contests and Book Releases"

“Like” isn’t the word for FLY INTO FIRE, rather “love” is! It’s an excellent book! I look forward to the posters.

Thank you, sweetie! And I can’t wait for you to get the posters, either. They are absolutely amazing.

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