The Extrahuman Union

Right, moving.

Posted on: February 5, 2011

I decided to ditch my old LiveJournal account because, man, I love WordPress way too much not to want to come over here instead.

There’s a lot more that I can do with a blog than with an LJ. I want to create kind of an all-purpose place for me to exist on the web where I can keep folks informed about everything I’m doing, from political writing at CT News Junkie to more memoir-ish nonfiction at, and, of course, longer fiction works like BROKEN.

So welcome! Take a moment to say hi.

–Susan Jane Bigelow


16 Responses to "Right, moving."

Howdy! You’ve not got a follower via Google Reader. 🙂

Hooray! Welcome! 🙂

And one of these days I’ll proof-read my comment before clicking post. s/not/now/


Just beautiful!!! Subscribing via RSS as well! 😉

Wonderful! And thank you for stopping by!

Hey, Susan! It’s nice to see you here. 🙂

Great to see you here, as well, Abby!

You’ve got yet another Google Reader reader now.

Wonderful! Welcome, Beau! Great to see you here.

Hoodley-oodley-oo! I don’t use Google Reader because I am an anti-RSS luddite so *I* shall be reading the site directly!

Perfect, then you, my dear, shall enjoy all this lovely layout!

So I shall! And as such I have a few ideas… ;D

Woohoo! WordPress really is too much fun.



Congrats on the new online digs – gotta love WordPress!

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