The Extrahuman Union

A Poem for Wanda

Posted on: August 4, 2014

I was thinking today about Wanda from The Sandman. Wanda was one of the first trans characters I ever came across in fiction, but I always felt so sad about how her story ended.

And so I wrote her a poem. I don’t usually write poems, so take that as you will. Here it is:


A Poem for Wanda


I couldn’t travel the moon’s road, you said.
I wasn’t woman enough for those old rules.
So now I remain behind to wait for you
As the walls shake and the skies open.

Who am I but a lesson waiting to happen,
An awkward funeral, five letters she’ll scrawl
On a prairie tombstone in fading pink,
And a ghost to endure as your story fades?

When I’m gone she’ll dream me pretty.
She’ll remember me reborn, acceptable, new.
But I’ll refuse Death’s consolation prize,
I’d rather have my own breath than beauty.

I have my own magic, ancient witch.
I’ve sailed a dark ocean between worlds,
Ridden bright down the roads of sun and moon
Across lands wilder than any you can know.

My magic is my own heart’s blood
It is the shining sun on my upturned face
The swirl of skirts around bare legs
And moonlit hair falling on my shoulders.

Our magic brings the tide in.
When I die I’ll bring this city down
And write my name on your soul
In letters no storm will ever wash away.


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